Music Television

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Music videos were created long before MTV started playing them in the 1980’s. Originally they were made to show meaning to a song. To give a clear meaning on what the artist was trying to compose and not leave it up to the listener for their interpretation. The artist would have a clear cut message as to what the songs and lyrics where about and they wanted to make sure their listener understood that. The idea of Music Television was not a hit right away. MTV is considered the first series of music television stations. It released on August 1st 1981 at 1201 AM with the words Ladies and Gentlemen lets rock and roll which was followed by the MTV theme song being played over the apollo 11 montage which is where MTV got its signature moon man. This was suppose to signify a revolution in American history a very important time for music. The first song ever played was the ” Video Killed the Radio Star ” by the Buggles. The station consisted of hours upon hours of music videos hosted by VJ (Video Jockeys). This theme soared as MTV became extremely popular through the younger generation and revolutionized pop culture. Many producers noticed this right away cashed in on it. Every mega star with any hit song made a video. Videos became evolved into short movies as in the Michael Jackson thriller videos, they were parody tributes and montages. They all told a story and helped explain the artist. The point was promotion for the producer and the label to promote the artist and the song to get it out there for more people to hear to make more money. Lets face it no matter what it comes down to it is a business. Due to the many different styles of music VH1 BET and down south television had country music channels playing their videos all the time. Many shows that showed music videos such as TRL, 106 and Park and Start UP became extremely popular and made VJs celebrities. Although times have changed and these stations have switched over to the new fad reality TV music videos are still being made and used for promotion. There still in music television. Direct Tv and Verizon Fios have music channels that cater to different genres and generations of music. You see more and more households and business this use these stations for events because it is music 24/7. Music television evolved and has and changed many times since the beginning in the early 80s

David Bowie flamboyant to say the least

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Obviously Tony Frost was incorrect in his talks about Bowie saying that we will peak in the 70’s. Bowie is one of the most popular artists in Rock and Roll history. He has the status equivalent to some of the greats such as the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. He is still around selling out shows and selling albums. He was definitely an interesting character but that it was people liked about it. He didn’t care what people though about him he had that I don’t give a shit attitude that just seemed to work for him. He didn’t like to fly he was very fond of Greyhound charter buses. The fact that such a mega superstar took Greyhound buses to all of his shows put him on the level of the common man. Just the idea that you could be riding the same bus as David Bowie really intrigued people and took more of liking to him. He was just like everyone else in that sense.
He had a very smart marketing team that really ran away with his flamboyancy and his style. The fact that he was openly bisexual was nationally accepted. He found it was easier in England because they were more bisexually accepting. I feel that in the 70’s anything went anywhere so it didn’t really seem to matter in that era just like everything else that was going on in the world. His marketing team was able to take every little aspect of his style and glam and ship straight to the top it was one of the reasons why is he so successful today.

Dyer Disco

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I do not agree with referring to disco as capitalistic. This is another way people who have no idea what they are talking about get involved. Disco wasn’t by any ways or any means had anything to with some sort of take over or capitalist movement. It was an era, a generation, a way of life. Disco still lives on today and is very popular. House and techno music stems from disco. Such as the beats and groovy sounds that “ takes over your mind”. That what every house head will tell you that it just puts them into a grove and takes over just as Disco did. Disco was a revolution, it was the forbidden era which was so dangerous and tempting you just wanted to be a part of it. Saturday Night Fever is one of the most famous movies of that time and it depicts that era. It was the 80’s it was so out of control the disco did not influence drugs and sex but drugs and sex influenced disco. I agree with the characteristic of disco. The materialism it was all about looking good who was the most flashy who had the nicer clothes cars. Who had the most drugs and most money. The eroticism wasn’t in the music but in the style of dance. The concept of bump and grind can also stem from disco. I wouldn’t really call romantics part of it. Don’t forget this is right after the movements in the 70’s and the idea of free spirits. Sex was still outlandish this is when all of the stds really started to come out also. The disco era was the 70’s with more sex and drugs and a different scene it was just part to of the 70’s. It was the upgrade it was something different. Disco is still alive and kicking today as many of the disco artist influence artist today. There are many 80’s style partys that still go on.

women in motown

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Motown is the most influential music through out the history of the music industry. Berry Gordy creation of Motown record label revolutionized how we view music, how we listen to music, how it is created and most importantly how it sounds. Motown added dance to the performance/ Motown artist have many hits. They were the original pop stars. They created the famous boy band and the girls groups that are still huge hits today. No music from that time period is still as famous as Motown hits. Everyone still knows and sings the Motown classics no matter how old you are.
The most famous Motown group and possibly one of the most famous groups of all time is the temptations and many people have remade their songs.
But after the temptations there were many women who have really influenced Motown such as Patty Labell Diana Ross and many others. Women from Motown are still selling music and are still doing live performances. Major women pop stars now will tell you how influential these women from Motown are on their career. How they idolized these women and look up to them. These women like Diana Ross are some of the most respected people in the industry. There music is just amazing and it is hard to describe it any other way. These women really paved the way for everyone else after them. Women in the music industry should be grateful for the success these women had. They made it possible for women to be major stars in the industry. This is the first time women really began to flourish in the music industry. Gordy road this theme and idea straight to the top and became one of the most successful and famous producers of all time. He was the father and the creator of Motown.


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For my presentation I have chose the error of hip-hop. I will be doing a collaborated presentation with fellow classmate Brandon Bize Mah. We will take you through a musical journey from the beginning of hip-hop to know. To all of the artist who have inspired us as entertainers and who we try to model when we perform. I will DJ a musical expo as Brandon tells the story. We will end the presentation with a short DJ showcase and a mini mix up performance by the up and coming artist Bize who drops his first itunes hit Walk with Me this October.

Eric porter

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“Dizzy Atmosphere “ The Challenge of Bebop

Eric Porter tells a lot of facts about the theory of Bebop and its influence in Jazz in the 1940’s. This really did help influence a lot of moments during this time period and the transitions into new times after the war.
There are a few things in Porter’s piece that I do not agree with. The claim bebop was created in the 1940’ and was a product of African American social culture from musicians in there continues conversations about jazz. They claim that it arose from different jam sessions and rap “woodshedding”. Bebop is suppose rapid tempos dissonant chords and melodic lines. If those arose from jam sessions how would Bebop not be discovered earlier in the beginning generations of music. Many musicians of every type of genre all have had jam sessions to work out different types of music to see what sounded best. I believe that Bebop was created long before the 1940’s it just might have been most beneficial to jazz music during that error. It also might of became very popular during this time period Bebop has enhanced and is still used today to come up with different types of music so that artist can go above and beyond what has already been done and try to create something new.

Folk Music Construction of American Past

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According to Filene folk music was milestones in music that has really revolutionized and shaped the music today. It seems as if Lomax was one of the biggest producers in the music industry at his time and his biggest founding was of Leadbelly some of the biggest rock and roll artist of all time pay tribute to Leadbelly Little Richard claims they were the foundation of music. Lomax had many other inspired artist and they wrote the “original folk” and “original America” music that influences todays music but alot of things they talked about and discussed back then has taken a complete 180 and there is alot of differences that go on in todays music. Obviously the changings of the time has a lot to do with it. Back then sex wasn’t something that was publically talked about it was frowned upon, sex before marriag. Now sex sells it is the basis of many media outlets. Before all of these changes Lomax dealt with the change of society after the great depression. I really feel the folk music was an inspiration as much then to everyone in the united states as it was to the people now who are influenced by the folk music Songs like our singing country really helped people of other countries under stand what we as a nation were dealing with at the time of the depression. It was a way for other countries to really feel the hardship but it was were the American pride came from it made people really understand our culture and helped shape the nation to what it is today. It help create the sense of nationalism. Lomax had a strong believe of using the negro music to help get past the boundaries. He was very smart by not pushing the limits only going so far to the edge and coming back. He didnt try to tear down the boundaries because he new it would never work but if he could produce enough black music without telling everyone it was black folk songs maybe society would start to believe that they are equal. If they here blacks singing similar music and dealing with similar problems that they would find some type of common ground.
Lomax was a key factor in American society on many different fronts. In revolutionizing the American way and also the music industry today

Musical Analysis Eminem Going Through Changes

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Eminem : Going Through Changes

On September 9th 2010 Eminem and Jay-Z kicked off their Renegade mini concert series in Detroit Michigan, Eminem’s home town. It was Eminem’s first concert appearance since his return to hip-hop after his long stand of recovering from his drug problems. The tour was brought about by rising success of his new CD which is entitled the “Recovery”. This CD was his best selling out of all of his LP due to the fact every song had a personal back round, you really feel like you know Eminem as an individual after listening to it.
The single “ Going Through Changes” really discusses the hardships he had to deal with in his realization that he had a problem and his reasons for overcoming it, also the hardships that he dealt with. The opening starts with the original chorus that was written and sung by Ozzy Osborne. The first verse begins as some what of a vent as Eminem feels the need to tell you how he has really been feeling and is trying to get it all off of his chest. “ Lately I really, feel like I’m rolling for _ like Philly. I feel like I’m losing control of myself, I sincerely. I apologize if all it sounds like I am complaining but life keeps on complicating… “ It really feels that Eminem is speaking to you on a personal level and telling you his problems like one of your close friends would do.
A reoccurring topic in his songs is the topic of the most important girls in his life. His daughter Haley and his little sister Laney which is what he pretty much lives for. Going further into the first verse he says a line “ Even my girls can see that im grieving, I try and hide it, but I cant, why do I act like I’m high and all mighty when inside I am dying. I am finally realizing I need help….” Those girls are the rock in his life that keeps him motivated and gives him the strength he needs to continue. He acts all high and mighty so they believe everything is okay. Once they begin to realize he is suffering and they see the person they look up to with so many problems. He also says “ I hate my reflection I walk around my house trying to fight mirrors”, he can’t look at the person he has become and is so sick of himself.
The second verse goes more into what happened and why it was so hard for him to change. “ I lock myself in the bedroom, bathroom, napping at noon, yea dads in a bad mood hes always snapping at you”. At this point he is discussing the time where he was in a state of depression after the death of his best friend Proof from the rap group D12 who is signed under Eminem’s label Shady Records. He would lock himself in rooms and pop pills and do drugs and either sleep cause he would pass out or just would not want to move due to the depression. Eminem new he had a problem but was to afraid and to weak to handle it. One of the lines is “ It became a problem you’re to pussy to tackle, get up be a man, stand, a real man would of handled this shit…” . He is getting at himself for his mistakes.
He continues you on by talking about what happened with Proof when he died and how thinking about hurts him. “ But dwelling on it only makes the night worse, now I’m popping Vics, perks and methadone pills….” The death of his best friend really put him over the top. Eminem realized he had a problem and wanted to change but was surrounded by the problems. “ Drug dealers hanging around me like yes man and their gunna do what ever I say when I say it and its in their best interest to protect their investment…”. It is no good when you make your friends your dealers that they around you so much and it is right in front of you it no longer becomes a temptation but an addiction and then part of your daily routine.
The next first starts off with him Eminem singing “ I don’t know what it is but I just keep going through changes”. Well the change was from bad to worse and instead of owning up to the problem and changing he found other things to blame it on and the addiction spun out of control. “ Fame is starting to give me an excuse to be at an all time low”. Eminem was never a saint in the public eye and he blamed all of the negativity for his problems , as he said he would take more and more sleeping pills till it finally got to him. The end of the verse begins to tell you how he almost falls in a coma and hearing a voice saying “ Daddy, don’t you die on me daddy you better hold your ground”.
The final verse talk begins with how he woke up in a hospital bed attached to all of these tubes and he was amazed he pulled through. “ Swear when I come back I’m going to be bullet proof “. It took almost dying to have an epiphany that things needed to change. He says “ I thinks I should state a few facts because I might not get the chance to say the truth”. He becomes very emotional and begins to talk about some of his regrets. He starts with his wife Kim and it as if he is talking to his daughter Haley and apologizing for the fact that they could not make it through for her but he confess that he still loves her and would do anything for her.
The song ends how it starts with Ozzy singing the Chorus “ I’m Going through Changes” which not only discusses the part of this song but basically his entire life and everything he has gone through from the standpoint as an artist but also an individual. He says the line “ There are to many things to explain I guess when it rains and it pours….”. The songs talks about the changes he went through, but he was right when it rain it pours because the changes went from bad to worse. It is fitting that he took Ozzy’s chorus because Ozzy went from bad to worse and just continues down the road. Eminem epiphany helped him recover from the addiction (which is the reason why the C D is called the recovery). Not only did he change and go through rehab but he came back stronger then ever. He lost the excess weight he put on and got himself back in shape. He was able to rid himself of the all the negativity that surrounded him.
He was able to regain all of his fans that he lost due to the leave of absense he took from the music industry, by coming out with one of the best CD he has ever created and possible grammy nominee for soundtrack of the year. He won many MTV music awards and did 5 perfomances in 3 states in a week He was able to put on an incredible show for his first come back performances on the Renegade tour and absoultey light up the stage. It was a very memorable performance along side with many guest stars and featured hip-hop mogul Jay-Z as what critics where referring to as the hip-hop Woodstock of our generation. Eminem will continue to grow through better change because after the rain comes the sun and he has a very bright future as the an artist reborn.

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