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“Dizzy Atmosphere “ The Challenge of Bebop

Eric Porter tells a lot of facts about the theory of Bebop and its influence in Jazz in the 1940’s. This really did help influence a lot of moments during this time period and the transitions into new times after the war.
There are a few things in Porter’s piece that I do not agree with. The claim bebop was created in the 1940’ and was a product of African American social culture from musicians in there continues conversations about jazz. They claim that it arose from different jam sessions and rap “woodshedding”. Bebop is suppose rapid tempos dissonant chords and melodic lines. If those arose from jam sessions how would Bebop not be discovered earlier in the beginning generations of music. Many musicians of every type of genre all have had jam sessions to work out different types of music to see what sounded best. I believe that Bebop was created long before the 1940’s it just might have been most beneficial to jazz music during that error. It also might of became very popular during this time period Bebop has enhanced and is still used today to come up with different types of music so that artist can go above and beyond what has already been done and try to create something new.

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  1. Yendie Says:

    Bebop was created in the 1940’s any history in Bebop would tell you that. I know swing is often times cofused with bebop which was created earlier in the 1920/30’s. Bebop was an outlet for where African Americans refused to stick with the standard way of jazz playing and created something of their own. It was their way of speaking out against the social and political issues of that time. It was more like conscious music where you listen to the words as oppose to the regular jazz where you are meant to get up and dance.

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